Booking Your Driving Tests

Booking Your Driving Theory Test..

To book your theory test follow this link through the DVSA website.

To book you will need your:

  1. UK driving license number
  2. Credit or debit card
  3. Email address

There are two parts to the theory test
1. Hazard perception test
2. Multiple choice questions

Booking Your Practical Driving Test…

Once you’ve passed your theory test you are now ready to book your practical driving test. Agree the booking with your instructor to make sure you’re ready, and have enough time to get your lessons in.  Contact us via email or on 01202 751959 prior to booking to ensure we have space to accommodate you. Remember your theory test pass is only valid for 2 year. If you leave it longer than this you’ll have to retake the test.

We’ll do a mock driving test before you take your actual driving test, which is exactly the same (well…without being able to fail). This is like a trial test, and your driving instructor will behave like an examiner to give you a feel of what the driving test will feel like and help put you at ease.

Your driving instructor can book your driving test for you if you like, but if you’d rather do it yourself then book your practical driving test here.

To book you will need your:

  1. UK driving license number
  2. Credit or debit card
  3. Driving instructors reference number to see if they’re available

We always recommend a few hours driving lesson before your test to settle you down, so always check with your driving instructor that they’re available before booking.

The DVSA have made this helpful video of what to expect:

Details of the show me/tell me show me/tell me questions which will be asked during your test can be found in this link.